Author Halloween Love: Sherri Browning-Erwin

Hello Book Spookers! As part of WORD for Teens's Book Spooks event, we have author Sherri Browning-Erwin here today with a quote about Halloween...

ldesrochers "On Halloween, I love to be scared! Normally, I like to be strong and would prefer to consider myself invincible, like my demon-slaying character Jane Slayre. But on that one day a year, Halloween, I relish the opportunity to cower in fear. When I was a kid, I loved dressing up as something innocent and vulnerable, like a bunny, and pretending I was in mortal danger as I dashed out of the way of the bigger kids who dressed as demons or vampires or devils. As an adult, I love it when the doorbell rings, that moment of anticipation before I open the door. Who is it? Is it something scary? Am I going to scream? Please!"

If you are looking for a perfect book to read this Halloween, look no further than Sherri's Jane Slayre.
Check out Leslie's review of Jane Slayre HERE. For more about Sherri and her books, check out her website.

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