Author Halloween Love: Lisa Desrochers

Hello Book Spookers! As part of WORD for Teens's Book Spooks event, we have author Lisa Desrochers here today talking about her love of Halloween and haunted houses...

ldesrochers "I’ve always been fascinated with the macabre. As a teen, I grew up reading Stephen King. I also loved JRR Tolkien because Middle Earth is so dark. All Hallows Eve has always been a favorite holiday of mine.

One of the best parts about Halloween (aside from all the candy :p) is the haunted houses. I love it when people go all out. I’m a bit of a haunted house aficionado. I know all the tricks, so when someone can really scare me, they’ve done a great job. Putting together a good haunted house is kind of like writing a book. You need to utilize all the senses. It has to be more than just fake blood spattered on a coffin that someone is screaming inside of. Most haunted houses rely too heavily on images and sounds (blood and screams) and neglect smell and touch, but that’s how you scare the snot out of someone. It has to be something that takes them totally by surprise, like air compressors that blow on their back when they lest expect it, or a sprinkle of water at the same time as the spurt of blood. The participant needs to feel involved in order to truly feel scared—just like in a book.

So, plan your totally wicked haunted houses, and then tell me where you are so I can come check them out!"

Lisa is the author of Personal Demons, a book Leslie and I have been wanting to read since it came out. For the look and sound of this book, it sounds like a perfect Halloween read!

For more about Lisa, also check out her website and her blog.


  1. Oh I also love a good haunted house. Unfortunately no one wants to go with me and you can't go by yourself :( Great post and yes her hair is gorgeous.


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