Michelle's Review: Desire Me by Robyn DeHart

rdehart ARC: 338 pages
Publisher: Grand Central
Language: English
Source of my copy: From author giveawaay
Synopsis (from Goodreads)
Years ago, Maxwell Barrett found a map to Atlantis and dedicated his life to the search for the mystical lost continent. But when an alluring woman makes a wager for the priceless artifact, he may have discovered an even greater treasure.
A descendant of Atlantis, Sabine Tobias needs the map to decipher an ancient prophecy. What she doesn't need are the sparks flying between her and Max. He's too devilishly charming to be trusted: The fate of her people is at stake as well as her heart. Yet a ruthless killer also covets the map. Now Max and Sabine must race to decode the prophecy's riddle before this criminal fulfills his deadly mission.

Michelle's Review:
Desire Me is the second book in Robyn DeHart's Legend Hunters series which revolves around a gentlemen's club in Victorian London called Solomon's. Each member of the club has his own specific legend he is researching to find proof it exists. Our hero, Maxwell Barrett, is a member of Solomon's and he has dedicated his life to searching for Atlantis. He is in possession of a map of the lost continent but he hasn't found irrefutable proof that the island truly existed. Our heroine, Sabine Tobias, is a descendant of Atlantis and she needs Max's map to unravel a an ancient prophecy. She needs it to stop the Chosen One who is bent on resurrecting the Atlantean army and bringing forth the destruction of the world. Now, Max and Sabine must work together to decipher the prophecy before it's too late.

I did read the Seduce Me (the first book in the series) prior to reading this book, but Desire Me is standalone. If you're looking for an Indiana Jones type of adventure in your romance, Desire Me is it. There's a lot of twists and turns in this book. The hero and heroine travel all over England to search for clues in the prophecy that includes digging up old graves, secret passages, breaking into the British museum, and running from villainous thugs. There was so much running around that I feel like the romance between Max and Sabine was pushed to the side and it became secondary. Also, while we're given some background on the hero and heroine, we don't really get to know them until almost the end of the book and even then I'm still left with questions. I didn't feel like I connect with either of them and it took me longer to finish this book because of that--I'd take a break reading and I had to make myself pick it up again.

Nonetheless, this book was a fun read with edge of your seat action and adventure with some paranormal elements in the form of a magical Atlantean elixir. I had my doubts in the beginning but I thought the author did a good job integrating the legend of Atlantis into the story--it was done smoothly and believably. Robyn DeHart is an author not to be missed. Though I enjoyed Seduce Me (I give SM 4/5 stars) a bit more than this one, you can't go wrong with either. 3.75 out of 5 stars

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  1. Like many I have always been interested in the lost city of Atlantis so this sounds like a good read, even without the love interest. Thanks for the review.

  2. That's for the review, this has been on my wishlist for awhile... didn't know it had to do with Atlantis though!

  3. Wow, this sounds like just my kind of thing!! I reckon I'll definitely have to pick it up over the summer :-)


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