Alison Dare and the Double Blog Dare Tour Sneak Peek

We are so excited to be a part of a really fun blog tour for J. Torres’ and J. Bone’s graphic novels, Alison Dare, Little Miss Adventures and Alison Dare, The Heart of the Maiden that we want to post a little video teaser for you. This impromptu video was recorded when we just received the books from the mailman. Our youngest sister Aubrey (or "Aubs" as we like to call her) was so excited because it's not often we get books she can actually read!

And here is another teaser for ya--Alison Dare at sunrise.

Check out the schedule for all the Double Blog Dare Tour stops and be sure to come back here on next week (June 10 is our tour stop day!). Leslie and I will be doing a banter type of review and we'll be posting more pictures of Alison Dare at the mountains and by the ocean!


  1. OMG your little sister is ADORABLE!

    Cute cute cute :)

    Thanks for sharing.

    PS Cool pic too

  2. I'm with Aubs, those villains look mean!

  3. Your sister is so cute. I look forward to reading your reviews on these graphic novels.


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