Your Discretion is Advised! [Please Read]

So, umm... I posted my review of In Bed With a Stranger last night and I woke up this morning having lost two followers. I don't know if they left because of that review but we gained a few new readers lately and they might not know what content to expect when it comes to Michelle and Leslie's Book Picks.

There's been a lot of young adult genre books reviewed and featured here lately and the romance took a bit of a backseat but I wanted to let you all know:

spicier/more-explicit-than-your-average-romance novels will be reviewed/featured here

on the blog--just a fair warning. By "spicier" romance I mean books from the Berkley Sensation, Brava imprints and maybe a one or two from Samhain (I already reviewed one from that line here). However, I promise you NO erotica that has BDSM, ménage a trios, male/male (and vice versa), bondage, etc. will be featured here--nothing against those types of books but they're just not my cup of tea.

There's a reason why I hardly give away YA books on the blog and it's because I don't want to draw the younger [young adult] crowd here. We will review what we read and I, Michelle, read spicier than average books as well as YA. Sorry if this causes any confusion or inconvenience. Thank you all for your continued support of this blog by following, reading and commenting! :-)


  1. I know what you mean about having a book blog where you write both romance and YA reviews. I was having that same dilemma so I'm in the process of setting up my own YA blog where I'll strictly discuss YA books and news over there so that my 12 year old niece can read that blog.

    You're doing a great job over here though, keep it up!

  2. Keep doing your thing! I know what you mean though, because I like to real all sorts of books too.

  3. Keep reading what you like. If people cannot seriously handle a review on something more grown up, then that is their deal and I wouldn't worry about it. Although, doing both types of reviews, posting a (very) large warning at the top of the post and a (big) space under it, so they have time to click away before they see/read anything "bad", would be a smart idea. Just an idea.. Keeping doing your thing! Your blog looks great!

  4. thanks ladies! :)

    @callmekayla i'm going to take your advice. i'm going to make a button thingie to put on top all my romance reviews. thanks! :)

  5. Holla!

    I dont mind if any bloggers have different interest of books and reviews. I follow blogs because I love anything. Maybe that is why I'm being versatile.But like you, no erotica,m/m or what ever in between for reviews at my blogs.

    p/s: Kayla advice is cool.I would do that too =) keep up the good work ya'll!

  6. I thought you had made it pretty clear on your sidebar, that one of you focus on YA and the other on romance and adult books. I wouldn't worry. Sometimes people just quit following because they follow tons of blogs, and try to pare down. Others maybe delete their blogs? That's what I told myself anyway, when my following went from 21 to 20 one day. You read that right. 20. Now i have a few more, but the funny thing is I never worried about followers, til I lost one. I try not to stress anyway, I'm doing this just for fun, which why I think most of us do it. It's not fun if you're stressing about losing followers.

    I like you blog (BTW)

  7. @mardel thanks! i actually put that "warning" up just this morning after i posted this post. lol i try not to let it get to me too but me being me [sigh] i still wondered what i did wrong :)

  8. You should read what you like surely!

  9. Your blog is like your room, you do what you want.
    Spicier sounds good to me.

  10. I have this same issue, and try to keep a good balance between the spicy reviews & the YA reviews.

    You state in your about me that you guys each have different styles and that there is going to be a mix of the reviews. If people don't read that then poo poo on them. :)

    Keep up the great work!

  11. I wouldn't worry. I'm sure you'll gain more followers that are fans of that genre. Just keep rocking and doing what you love :)


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