Midnight Confession: The Romance, the YA Genre and Me

ccoulterThe romance genre have been my number one love ever since I discovered my mom's stash of Johanna Lindseys and Catherine Coulters at the tender age of fourteen. After my first romance novel, I never looked back. Sure, I strayed once in a while with a lit fiction or a YA novel but I knew romance is my genre of choice and I would read ten romances to one lit fiction on a good month. But you know? I think the romance genre no longer have a reign over my bookish heart.

scollinsLately no other genre appeals to me more than young adult--not even romance. There is something very exciting about young adult books that I can't explain and can't enough of. I am in the midst of a YA fever and I don't think I want to be cured for a while. Wanna know how high this fever is? I pre-ordered (and not just one YA book but three)! I never pre-order because I figured I can just as easily get a book from the store when it comes out. But this time, I just couldn't help myself and pre-ordered the following: Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins, Shadow Hills by Anastasia Hopcus and Raised by Wolves by Jennifer Barnes.

Of course, I still love romance. That's not going to change and I'm not going to abandon it anytime soon. However, I think this summer will be a YA reading fest for me and I cannot wait!!


  1. Sounds sweet and honest. I read almost anything.I'm not a picky but if the synopsis and the cover is nice, i'll read it.and like you said since the YA genre is very in right now,i also on the track.but once in a while, romance is something is what i need to boost up my hormone..

    and yes, those are great books you pre-ordered =)

  2. I feel ya.

    I go through phases like this too.

    Mockingjay: I can't wait. I MUST preorder this.

  3. I've actually been reading so much YA lately that I'm currently craving some adult prose. I can understand getting hooked by YA though. It happened to me! :-)

  4. The bonus to YA being so hot right now is that the people in charge -- writers and editors -- are able to give us really, really, REALLY good stuff.

    Have an awesomely YA summer!

  5. I like poetry and my thoughts are like this some time,Thanks :)

  6. I think tastes chaneg as we age and experieince differnt things. I also enjoy YA but I have to be very selective. I was on a bad run for a while. The Hunger Games series is out of this world.

  7. you'll have to check out my steampunk romance novel week, june 4-12. and tell me if you've read any of them.


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