Midnight Confession: My Now-Less-Cluttered Book Shelf

Before I get to confessing, I want to apologize for the lack of reviews on the blog in the last couple of weeks. It's just that with my being able to read only one one book a week (blame the day job), there was just enough time to work my way through the two young adult books I've been assigned to judge for the Debut Book Battle. Judges can't say anything about their books until the big reveal next week so I couldn't post reviews for those just yet. Leslie, on the other hand, has her band thingie taking up all her time and hasn't been reading as much so no reviews from her either. After this coming week, there will be a couple of reviews up. :-)

Now, on to my confession... I cleaned up and organized my shelves!

After much nagging from my mom for the last couple of months, I finally sat down last week and cleaned out my bookshelf. After donating to the library and separating my old review books for the box of books giveaway, I ended up with the picture on the right. I got my books down to three shelves and with a lot of room to spare for new additions! The paperbacks on the bottom shelf are the ones I kept for future re-reads. The first shelf are my young adults books and the middle shelf are the romances I have yet to read (aka my romance TBR pile).

But was cleaning up hard! I didn't want to give up any of my books. My bookworm-y heart broke a little every time I placed a one in the "library donation" box. I got distracted many times because I just had to re-read my favorite parts of some many of my books. Finally, it got down to whether I plan on re-reading a book again or not--the "not" books went in the donation box.

After I was done, my room is less cluttered and I felt very good. I didn't know why I resisted cleaning up for so long. Now I have more room for new books. Yay!


  1. Organizing is part of the battle. My TBR shelf just keeps getting bigger. you might want to check out Presenting Lenore. She had a post last week about donating books to a library in the Bahamas in need of books for middle schoolers. Maybe some of those titles would be good for them.

  2. I need to do the same thing, but oh dear lord my little book lovers heart breaks when I think about doing it. I literally have BOXES and BOXES of books. And I'm always bringing home more. I need to remove some, and some I know I will never get rid of. I commend you for doing it!


  3. Your shelves look very nice and organized right now. Mine were organized in January but are starting to overflow again. I am lucky that I can give my YAs to the my HS Media Center after I read them (unless I love them enough to make them "keepers"). I will still have access there but I don't have to find a place on my shelves for them.

  4. Good job with the organizing. My bookshelf looks crazy at the moment. To properly organize it I need another bookshelf.

  5. Good luck! But I love the bookshelf messy sometimes.Feel like I've read so many books.*LOL*


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