Discovery of the Week: Facebook and Pirates & Check out our new layout!

My discovery of the week is not book related but I'm getting a kick out it every time I open my Facebook account. Did you know that Facebook has an English Pirate (and also an English Upside Down) language option?! Here's a screen shot of my "home port":
blog button
(click on the picture to see it better)

I only found out about this the other day so I'm still relishing its pirate awesomeness. Also, check out our new background and layout! We are really excited because we've been wanting three columns for a while but figuring out the html codes was too hard. But thanks to StephTheBookworm, who was kind enough to tell us about Blogger's new layout tool thingie, I was able to configure the new layout for the blog with no sweat and frustration (*hugs* thanks so much Steph!). We personally love it because the blog is now much cleaner and looks more professional. What do you all think? Is it loading alright?


  1. What a fun morsel of information.

    BTW I'm LOVING the new look :)

  2. Wow..That's interesting.I might change my layout soon too!I love the green,it's cool. =)

  3. Oooh, so cute! Glad I could help you out! I am loving your new layout.

  4. Awww great new look you got here, makes me want to go outside and lay in the grass, reading all day. =)

    Too funny about Facebook! I'm going to go home and check that out.


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