YA Bloggers Debut Book Battle

Today is the official start of the YA Bloggers Debut Book Battle hosted by Alyssa of The Shady Glade blog. Despite the fact that I am very behind on writing my reviews (when am I ever not?), I decided to join in and act as a judge. Here are the books that will be battling it out:

I'll be reading and judging the following books:
kderting and bfitzpatrick

I'm really excited because I have both books sitting on my shelf for a long while and this is a good push to get me reading YA titles I've bought months ago but haven't read yet. I've read good and not-so-great reviews of both books so we'll see after I'm done reading to see which one of the two I'll choose to move on to the next level (I'll be doing another post in two weeks to reveal this).

Any of you read either or both of these books? If you were judging the two books above, which one will you choose to move on? My inquiring mind wants to know! :)


  1. I haven't read either of them. I have Hush, Hush in my TBR pile, so I will read that one soon.

  2. I am a judge as well and I will be judging whichever of these books win so I dont dare give my opinion too soon! lol I cant wait to see what you choose! :)


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