Midnight Confession: Where are my nerds at?

Hello April! March was great reading-wise because I read nine (and a half--I'm halfway done with my current read) and a nine-book-month is an accomplishment for me. I'm hoping I'll find enough time in April to read as many books as well. This month will also bring the release of two books I am eagerly waiting to get my hands on! Curious as to which books I'm talking about? Hint: the authors of the two books will be stopping by at the blog later this month!

But enough about April...

What I am really here to confess tonight is my attraction to nerdy guys. I love the rugged, muscular gorgeous man with his piercing eyes as much as the next woman (the young Paul Newman always comes to mind). I had the biggest crush on him after I watched Cat in a Hot Tin Roof back in high school. While my friends were going ga-ga for the guys of N'Sync and Backstreet Boys, I was crushing on Paul Newman and they thought I was nuts! Nonetheless, I've always had a special fondness for that awkward, stumbling, smart-but-clueless nerdy guy who doesn't know how cute he is. Even a number of my non-celebrity infatuations in high school, college and now are nerdy types but let's talk TV for a bit to better understand where I'm getting at...

Whenever my sister and I watch television shows, we have this game where we would pick our guy--our "object of affection"--in the show. I always find myself looking past the hot one and picking the nerdy one. Perfect example: Dr. Spencer Reid from our newest TV favorite Criminal Minds. Oh, he's just so adorable in his nerdy-ness and my favorite scenes of the episodes I've seen so far were ones with him saying a slew of psych babble to distract a suspect. Another hot nerd I really liked was Charlie Eppes from Numb3rs. That show wasn't a favorite but I would try to catch it whenever it's on just so I could listen to Charlie talk about mathematical formulas and theories.

Okay, so, where the heck am I going this and how does it relate to books... Well, I'm wondering where are my nerds at in romance novels? All the heroes in the romances I've read are young Paul Newman types and I like them just fine (a few I even literally drool over because they are just so damn hot and sexy) but... where are the Dr. Reid and Charlie Eppes types? Do they just not work as heroes in a romance novel?

nerdgonewild I remember wandering around the stacks in my local library a couple years back when I saw Vicki Lewis Thompson's book Nerd Gone Wild. I remember thinking I've finally found a romance with a nerd hero and I was so excited I didn't even read the blurb before borrowing it. But alas the hero wasn't a true nerd... he's a hunky guy pretending to be one. I enjoyed the book but I couldn't help feeling a little disappointed. I mean, nerdy heroines abound in romance but what about the other way around? Are the words "[romantic] nerd hero" an oxymoron? Anyone read any romances with a genuine nerd hero? Please let me know! I'm still looking for my romantic nerd.


  1. I have a HUGE crush on Dr. Spencer Reid :)

  2. Nerdy guys are the best! I love a man in glasses... the fact that I also wear glasses has nothing to do with this. :)

  3. Oh wow, I love the new header (well it's new to me) it looks great!

    You know, when I was in high school, I loved me all of the heart throbs...Justin Timberlake and what not but these days, I'm drawn to the nerdy guys. I love me some Reid. I think he is so smexy and I'm loving his long hair which is surprising since I do not like long hair on a man but I love it on Reid.


  4. WhOoo Lala!!
    I am definitely someone who likes all regardless of type. Nerdy, shy, out going.... =)

    As per recommends- I immediately thought of Lucas Cortez in the Kelley Armstrong'd Women of the Otherworld series. Are you familiar?

    I know there are others but none that I can think of as the lead in a book.

  5. Sisters who love books!??! We can totally relate! Great to meet you gals.

    My biggest nerd crush of all time? Seth Cohen from the OC. So dreamy.


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