Midnight Confession: My Weekend Trip

This post is not really book related but I thought I'd share about my weekend trip for this midnight confession:

I hopped on over to the island of Oahu this weekend not only to attend my sorority's annual Deb Ball (a debutante ball to welcome the neophytes into full-fledged sisters) but also to see my friends one last time for a while before we all scatter to places unknown and farther than the next island over. However, before I met my friends and all the crazy weekend fun began I made a stop to the mall to halfheartedly look for a dress to wear for the ball. But in true bookworm fashion instead of a dress I ended up leaving the mall with a book--Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles.

The weekend was a blur filled with dinners at our old hang-outs, catching up with news and gossip, reminiscing about old times and just aimlessly driving around while we decide what we will do next... It was just like old times with my pledge sisters, the girls I became really close to in college. When the day of the ball came, I borrowed a dress from one of the girls and at the event we watched the neophytes do their deb/fancy curtsy, eat some good food and I mingled with the older alumni. Being an alumnus now myself, the experience this year was different--last year I was running around with the other actives making sure everything was going smoothly behind the scenes but this year I was relaxed and enjoyed the event without any worries. After Deb Ball, I was back at the dorms with my sisters for a couple more nights before my flight back home.

Now, here's the thing about the whole sorority business--never in a million years did I think I'd end up pledging and joining a sorority when I was in high school. I was painfully shy back then and though I had a couple friends that I hanged out with and was involved in a couple extracurricular activities, I didn't really talk to anyone and I tried my best to be inconspicuous in class so that my teachers won't call on me. But in my junior year of college, I felt it was time for a change. I wasn't as shy but I still needed to come out of my shell. I've met new friends and when one invited me to rush for a sorority, I went not knowing what to expect. The semester I pledged was hard because I had to step out of my comfort zone but I got through it and looking back now I have no regrets. I gained great friends for life, a better college experience and while I was still shy I had more confidence in myself afterward.

Anyway, back to my trip... On my last day on Oahu I had to stop by my mom's favorite bakery and per her request, I bought boxes of pastries to take back home. I also bought six bottles of the Victoria's Secret lotions (love!) because there was a sale and I figured I might as well stock up since there's no VS store at home. Then, because I had a few more minutes to kill before I bussed it to the airport, I stopped by a B&N store as well. And in true bookworm fashion, I ended my weekend trip by buying another book--Promise Me Tonight by Sara Lindsey. Yup, great trip! :)


  1. 1. Cool pictures! You look so pretty!
    2. *high five* for ending it at the book store!

  2. i just wanted to tell you that i just watched shaggy the dog on tivo and they said about a trip to oahu. i thought it was made up since it's a movie and now i ended up to know it actually exist!i'm asian so i dont really know about it but it's fun to know something new.

    and you have a great trip! i can see it all over the pictures, yeay!

  3. Hey you, gorgeous pictures! Looks like you had a good time, yay for good times!

    I'm dying to read the SE book you bought so I'll be stalking your blog until you review it. =) Happy reading sweets!


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