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To Our Readers
Thank you for visiting our blog and we hope you found what you needed. If you left a comment, thank you so much for taking the time to do so. We know it takes time and effort and we really appreciate it. Comments brighten our day!

If you have any questions, please email us at chelleyreads AT gmail DOT com

To Authors and Publishers
Do you want us to review your book or include us in your blog tour?

As of February 2016, we are currently NOT accepting any new book review inquiries.

(Exceptions are publishers, PR companies, and authors we have worked with in the past.)

Michelle and Leslie are US-based bloggers and have been book blogging since September 2009. Michelle is in her 30s and a full-time librarian and Leslie is in her 20s and currently at university. We are both avid readers who enjoy sharing our opinion about the books we read. Follow us on TwitterFacebook and Instagram.

Genres we review:
  • Young Adult
  • New Adult
  • Romance novels
  • Graphic Novels
  • Middle Grade
  • General Adult fiction with YA/NA/romance crossover appeal
  • Chick-lit
Formats we accept:
  • Physical books
  • Physical ARC/Galleys
  • E-galleys
We DO NOT accept the following genres:
  • Religious fiction/non-fiction
  • Christian Romance
  • Romantica/Erotica with non-monogamous main characters
  • Horror
  • Non-fiction
Please understand that we are quite selective in the books we accept for review and all review requests are handled in a case-by-case basis. We only accept books we think we will like. If we do not get back to you in a week it is safe to assume we are not interested. Otherwise, we usually get back to you within 1-2 days.

Unsolicited Review Books: Books we personally request or accept for review will always take precedence. We will review unsolicited books only if time permits.

How we review:
  • As of June 2014, we do use star rating for our reviews. However, this rating is not an end-all or be-all type of thing--our written words still speak for themselves, not the rating. Read our post about star ratings here.  

  • We strive to post our reviews in a timely manner--usually within 3-4 weeks after we receive the book (unless we are given a specific date to post for blog tours) but timing depends on our personal schedule.
  • If we receive an ARC (advance reader copy), we try to post the review a month within (before or after) the release date. If the ARC/book is already released by the time we receive, we try to post our review 3-4 weeks after we receive it.
  • Our reviews are usually 3-4 paragraphs long, honest and to the point. The focus of our reviews differ in each book but both the positive and the negative (if any) aspects in the book will be addressed.
IMPORTANT: We try to review all books we receive but know that books we accept might not always get reviewed (usually due to our personal schedule) within the 3-4 weeks time period.

If we cannot review your physical book at all for any reason, it will be given away either through a contest here on the blog or donated to our local public library without prior notice/email to the review requestee.

Other promotional opportunities:
We are open to author interviews, guest blogs and giveaways sponsored by the author or publisher.

However, we do not promote books we have not read unless we have read the author's other book(s) in the past and/or are genuinely excited for the book (e.g., we featured it on an "anticipated books" post).

Besides our blog, we usually post our 3+ starred-equivalent reviews on:
  • Goodreads
  • Amazon
  • Barnes and Noble

Thank you for your interest in our blog. Please do not hesitate to email us at:
chelleyreads AT gmail DOT com

Our FTC Disclaimer
(Updated 12/2017)

ALL our book reviews are based from our own experiences and only share our honest opinions.

PLEASE use this blog only as a source and not the definite answer to your inquiries.

We do receive ARCs or finished copies of books from different publishers, authors or publicity companies for review. We never receive any type of payments for any of our reviews.

We will always inform visitors of this blog where we got the book(s) we are reviewing--please see "source of my copy" for each review.

Any items we receive "in kind" will never be sold. They will either be kept by us, donated to the local public library, or given away through contests on this blog.

As of 2011 Michelle is NO LONGER a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. This means that if you purchase a product through the Amazon links (or any retailer links) on this blog, Michelle WILL NOT earn any referral fees.

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