Q&A with Author Juliana Stone

Today, Avon paranormal author Juliana Stone has stopped by to chat with us. Her newest release and debut book THE DARKEST HUNGER comes out tomorrow. Please join us in welcoming her.

julianastoneDo you recall how your interest in writing originated?
I have always been moved by the power of words and music. My mother is an avid reader and while I’m not sure this is what led to my love affair with books, it certainly helped. Because I have such a need to express myself a natural progression to music and writing occurred. But, it wasn’t until I was older, established in my life that I finally took a stab at creating my own world and The Jaguar Warriors were born. Lucky for me an agent fell in love with it, and she sold to Avon!

What inspired you to write your first book/story?

His Darkest Hunger is my first book and was totally inspired by my love of paranormal romance. I love the fact that it’s much easier to break rules, create what is in your mind and just go for it.

What books have influenced your life the most?
I am by no means a literary reader. I read for enjoyment and love a book that will take me away. When I was younger I devoured Nancy Drew. Loved those books…but as I got older romance was it for me. On a personal note, four years ago I picked up a copy of Dark Prince by Christine Feehan and my world was rocked. I loved it, read all of her books and became fascinated by everything paranormal.

If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor?
As stated in the previous question Christine Feehan was a huge influence on me. I had the wonderful opportunity to meet her two years ago, just before I sold and she was amazing.

How many books do you read in a month? What book are you reading now (if you are)?
Sadly, I don’t have much time for reading anymore but when I do I like a variety. I’ve rediscovered my love of historicals, I love YA, but paranormal is still what I love to read. I’m currently reading The Mammoth book of Time Travel Romance. A few of my friends are in it and it’s a great read.

When did you first consider yourself a writer?
Only until recently. I mean, I wrote His Darkest Hunger in the Spring of 2008 and never looked back.

Do you have to travel much concerning your book(s)? A place you've always wanted to visit?
No, not yet. Although part of this series is based in Belize which is a country I’d visited on vacation with my family.

Your favorite musician/type of music you listen to while writing?
I can’t listen to music while writing. I need quiet... I talk to myself a lot when writing. I will sometimes listen to a certain song to get me in the mood and the artist can vary.

Have you ever had writer's block? How do you overcome it?
I don’t think I’ve had writers block per say. I’m a fast writer and can usually get my 2-3000 words a day in no problem. Usually within a few hours. When I’m on deadline I like to write 10-15k a week. I have had moments where I’ve been lucky to get 3-5k done... but that usually because I’m stuck in the story and there is always a reason. If the scene isn’t working it usually doesn’t belong. I’ve learned to listen to myself that way and cut.

What was the hardest part of writing your just released book? Easiest?
I’m the writer that most hate... I wrote His Darkest Hunger in 7 weeks with no issues.

What are your current projects?
I am currently working on the third book in this series for Avon and I’m also working on a series of time travel romance short stories for Samhain Publishing. The first one, Black Legacy released in February and there will be a second short coming in the summer. I also would like to sell into the YA market and currently have a few things on the go!

Now, let's talk about your book HIS DARKEST HUNGER...

hisdarkesthungerHero & Heroine Names: Jaxon Castille and Libby Jamieson
Romance Subgenre:
Michigan and Belize

Your favorite secondary character and will you ever write this character's own book?
Declan O’Hara. And I sure hope so! I have three Castille brothers to write, but Declan is clamouring for his own story. He’s a sexy man of Magick.

Your favorite scene:
The opening scene. When Jaxon is setting up his sniper gear to assassinate Libby. He’s been searching for her for three years and his revenge is finally within his grasp. But then something stops him, something about her is different. Haunted. Instead of pulling the trigger he goes to her. Imagine his surprise when she has no clue who the hell he is!

Celebrity who'd might play your hero/heroine:
Ali Larter would be perfect for Libby and I pictured an older version of Steven Strait to play Jaxon.

Book Blurb:

Jaxon Castille: jaguar shifter, warrior, assassin. He has long hungered for the chance to make his former lover, Libby Jamieson, pay for her deadly betrayal. After three long years he's finally found her. The hunt is over . . .

But the Libby that he finds is not what he expected. She has no memory of their tumultuous affair, of her treachery, of anything beyond her own name. A shadowy and deadly clan has marked them both for death, and in an instant, he game changes: the hunter has become the hunted.

On the run, with the ghosts of their past between them and a dark, desperate hunger quickly reclaiming their bodies and souls, Libby and Jaxon must discover the truth behind the dark forces working against them. Together, they must grab hold of a destiny that has the power to either heal them or destroy them.

But the truth is far more shattering than anyone could imagine . . .

Doesn't that sound good? I love that blurb and I'll definitely be grabbing my copy soon! I want to take this time to thank Juliana Stone for stopping by and sharing with us a little about her writing and her debut book HIS DARKEST HUNGER.

For more info on Juliana Stone and her books please go to her website.


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    The set up for this book sounds great, I'll keep my eyes out for it.

  3. Thanks for having me ladies! These past few weeks have been a total blast!


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