Midnight Confession: Sugar Doll Award & 10 Things about Michelle

The awesome Wena (who I consider as a sort of older [book blogging] sister) of Book Binge and Coffee House Banter tagged me for the Sugar Doll Blogger Award. Thanks Wena!

The rules say that I'm supposed to list ten things about me and I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to introduce myself better to the new readers of this blog. So, here we go...

1. I'm named after the Beatles song "Michelle." This song is my least favorite Beatles song. I prefer "Here Comes the Sun" which always puts me in a good mood whenever I listen to it.

2. I'm the oldest of 4 children. My youngest sister is sixteen years younger than me. Sometimes I'm mistaken for her mother.

3. I think orange flavored things are icky: orange soda, orange starburst, orange sorbet, etc. The only orange flavored foods I can eat/drink are oranges (the fruit), orange flavored chicken, and orange juice.

4. I learned how to crochet by watching how-to YouTube videos one semester while I was in college.

5. My newest TV obsession is Life Unexpected. My newest TV find Criminal Minds (I don't know why I haven't found this show sooner). I'm so excited for Glee to come back next month!

6. English wasn't my first language. I was born in the Philippines and lived there until my family moved to Hawaii when I was nine years old. Sadly, I'm more comfortable speaking English now than Ilocano.

7. To save money, my mom insist on hanging our laundry outside to dry in the sun. Sometimes when she's at work, I secretly use the dryer for my clothes.

8. I belonged to a sorority in college.

9. I'd rather go book shopping than clothes or shoes or food shopping.

10. I did some damage on the Book Depository last night. I was going to wait for more reviews before I buy The Body Finder but I ended up getting it because I couldn't resist the $10.99 price. I ended up getting Before I Fall, The Forest of Hands and Teeth and The Dead-Tossed Waves as well because you can't buy just one book, you know?

Not really book-related but I hope that's okay? I tag Jenny, GMR, Kayla, Jan, Darlyn, Debbie and Trillian who passed on bloggy awards to us in the past. And of course if anyone else want to do this tag too, go for it! :)


  1. I totally wanna learn how to crochet! I tried reading directions but they're so complicated to understand!

    I LOVE Life Unexpected, I didn't think I would but it's pretty addicting. I like Parenthood too, even though the stories are kinda hard to follow and YES. Glee next month! Finally!!

    My parent's use to do the hanging things outside, some things they still do that for because they swear it dries better that way. I don't mind, more dryer time for me!! Haha.

    And there's some words I know in Visayan that I don't know in English! My husband's dad only speaks Tagalog so he doesn't know Visayan at all and sometimes he'll look at me funny and I'll realize... that wasn't in English LOL! But English is my first language!

  2. I love Life Unexpected! And Glee! I am so psyched for it to come back in April. I'd rather go book shopping than any other kind of shopping too. ;)

  3. wow! thanks so much michelle & leslie! you are generous and think of me to pass on the award. like you said, i learn something from you guys, we are bookshoppers buddies!and not whatever shoppers.*LOL* i'm easily thrilled to buy books rather than clothes or shoes. and i love criminal minds! =p

  4. Cute picture! I also enjoy Criminal Minds and wonder why this show doesn't get more props. Great getting to know you and thanks for the tag.

  5. I really enjoy getting to know the different bloggers that I follow through these questionnaires.
    I also went a little crazy at The Book Depository yesterday when I discovered that some books I really want are being sold at amazing prices. I LOVE The Book Depository. My mother also used to insist on hanging laundry up outside which I would find horribly embarrassing, particularly when she would hang up my more "private" items of clothing for everyone to see.
    Cute picture!


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