Midnight Confession: Challenges = Double FAIL!!

ABCNot a very good month for challenges is March. The first challenge I did not complete is my which I gave myself way back when I first started blogging. I was supposed to read 26 books total with a word in the title to correspond with the alphabet in six months. I read more than 26 books in that time but I was still missing titles for letters K, N, P, Q, X, Y, and Z. Not a total loss I guess because my primarily goal back then was to keep reading one book after the other. I just was in a book rut and this challenge kept me going with my reading. It served its purpose and not a total failure.

The next one is a total FAIL. Remember my lovely Project 20 Books? You know, the one where I was either going to read 20 books OR not buy any books with my own money until April 1st. No amount of rationalizing is going to hide the fact that I broke down and bought books without the aid of gift cards or other people's money. I think the start of my downfall occurred when I somehow ended up winning two Amazon gift cards one week after the other. I had $30 of book money to burn and burn them I did. Earlier this month I bought:
Which was okay. No resolutions broken and I was still in the game... But then were so many great books being released and my wishlist was just getting longer and longer by the day. All the blogs were reading there great books and giving glowing reviews and I had book envy pretty much every time I open Blogger. I couldn't take it any longer. I have to get my hands on those books and read them too!!

One night last week while Leslie (who has been policing my book buying habits and keeping me on the straight and narrow) was away on an overnight school band thingie, I did it. I ordered books and paid for them with my money. I FAILED though that sense of failure only lasted for a minute, mostly I was relieved the book buying ban was over.

I can't take a picture because they haven't come yet but I ended up getting:
ironkingice nochancedarkhighlandereternalhuntereternalhunter

I'm giddy with anticipation! I can't wait till they come and are squeezed into sitting on my overstuffed bookshelf waiting to be enjoyed.

In other news, I now have an Amazon Associates accounts. From this point forward all the books featured on this blog will link to Amazon. If you click on a book cover with a link and/or a plain text link, it will take you to Amazon and if you end up buying that book I will get a very, very small referral fee. I joined on a whim one night but I figured what the heck--I'm not losing out by joining and whatever money comes out of it will go directly back to the blog for giveaways and postage costs. Just letting you all know! I'll be updating our disclaimers as well to reflect this change. Anyone else on this program? Any cons you've experienced?


  1. Last summer I decided I would only buy second hand books (from thrift stores etc) but pretty much just ended up with more books than I would have buying new ones because they were so cheap! Lol. I guess buying more books than we can read is the downfall of every book addict.

    There's an award for you on my blog :D


  2. I'm trying to put myself on a book ban but I don't want to say it outloud or I'll have urges to break it!

    I joined the Amazon program but so far, no one has bought anything from me lol! But other than that... I don't see any cons with the program!

  3. I love books. I can't help but buy them when I have the money. There's no way I could ban myself LOL... I'm addicted.

    I have an award for you:


  4. I can't resist buying books either! Looks like you got lots of goodies! :)

  5. You both are so funny...I am such a book hoarder, too...but now I Kindle tons of books...once you buy your Kindle...most books are less than 10 dollars and there are specials and free downloads, too...for me a Kindle is just one more way to enjoy books plus I love taking an entire library with me when I travel...I even have a cool red messenger bag...made just for my Kindle...

  6. I had the same addiction, recently I was given a sony e-reader and most books are around 6$ (and no shipping expenses).
    Love "Practice makes perfect", it's a fab romance.

  7. I've given up on book challenges. I've started three of them, which required me to read certain types of books, and I didn't even come close to finishing. I guess I just like to read what I feel like reading at the time.
    I've read Practice Makes Perfect, which I really enjoyed and I've been wanting to read Ice, which I've heard really good things about. Happy reading!


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