Michelle's Review: Tempt Me If You Can by Janet Chapman (Blog Tour)

temptmeifyoucanPaperback: 384 pages
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1416595449

ISBN-13: 9781416595441
Source of my copy & Cover Image from: Simon & Schuster

When an anonymous letter stuns shipping magnate and confirmed bachelor Ben Sinclair with the news that he has a teenage son, he's determined to make good on the past. But Emma Sands doesn't trust him. The beautiful, fiery blonde has raised her nephew in the peaceful woods of Maine since he was five, and just because fifteen-year-old Michael is the spitting image of his tall, handsome father doesn't give Ben the right to march in and change their lives forever. Or so she thinks, until his return mysteriously unearths a dangerous small-town secret. With Michael's help, Ben will do whatever it takes to prove to fiercely independent Emma that he can be the fearless protector she never knew she wanted...and the passionate lover she always thought she could resist.

Michelle's Review:
Tempt Me If You Can is the second book in the Sinclair Brothers series by Janet Chapman. I didn't read the first book and there is not need because but this book is a standalone. This book tells the story of wealthy businessman Ben Sinclair who received a letter from an anonymous source saying that he fathered a son fifteen years ago. So, after doing some investigating and finding out the letter speaks the truth, he left New York for Maine. There, meets his son Michael and Emma Sands who was sister to the mother of his child who had mysteriously disappeared.

My favorite scenes in this book are ones with Ben and Michael, his son. I really enjoyed reading those scenes and I thought they were really sweet. However, the pacing of the book was really choppy and the telling not so smooth--least of all the build up of Emma and Ben's relationship. They went from hating each other to trying to get along for the sake of Michael and suddenly Ben wants to marry her. I just didn't feel that gradual change of feelings between the two. The one sex scene they had felt tacked on for the sake of having a sex scene in the book and it was lukewarm at best. I also didn't like how Ben manhandled Emma in the beginning--for that matter Emma got hurt a lot in this book. From being attacked by a violent suitor to plane crashes to being chased through the woods by the villain--this lady suffered but then again I thought she's on the verge of being TSTL. I could keep going on of things I didn't enjoy so much but suffice to say there were too many things going on (especially that mystery that suddenly popped up about two thirds into the book) that bordered on in the absurd with choppy scenes and a hero and a heroine I didn't really feel a connection with.

I give this book 2 out of 5 stars. It might be worth borrowing from the library if you want to read a light romance with a bit of a mystery set in Maine but if you haven't read this author yet and want to check out one of her books I suggest you read The Seduction of His Wife. I read that book a few years ago and I remember it being a better read than this one.

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