Midnight Confessions: The Olympics and Guest Posting

The Olympics
I've been watching and following the Olympics since it began and this is unusual because I don't watch sports on television. Being in a stadium and cheering my team on is different--I yell my head off, stomp, jump and cheer for my team then, but I lose interest fast if I am just watching a game on TV. Anyway, I think the reason why I like the Olympics so much is because they show these segments about the athlete's life and their journey to get to where they are now. Some are really emotional and I get caught up in their stories, which makes me root for them more to succeed and get a medal.

The one story that really touched my romantic heart though was the one about the married couple in pairs figure skating, Shen and Zhao from China. They have never won a gold medal in the last two Olympics they participated in before Vancouver. In 2007, they announced their plans to get married and their retirement from the sport. But last year they decided to come out of retirement and try to win that elusive gold medal in this year's games. I watched their performance last Tuesday and was cheering for them to win... and they did, which was amazing! Their story is definitely worthy of a romance novel!

Guest Posting
Leslie and I are all over the blogosphere this weekend! Leslie was interviewed by the Kristen at Bookworming in the 21st Century (one of our favorite YA blogs) for her weekly Sunday Spotlight feature. Leslie is talking about what else... blogging and books! I am guest posting on the Borders True Romance blog where I share three of my favorite romance novel hero quotes and one of my all-time favorite romantic scene--go over and share your favorite quote as well! On Friday I am a guest reviewer at the Royal Reviews blog. I'll be reviewing Meredith Duran's debut book Duke of Shadows, so please stop on by there as well!

Images from NBC 2010 Winter Olympics website.


  1. Hi, I saw your blog highlight at Bookworming and thought I would stop by. I was quite impressed that Leslie and you are doing such a terrific job with your blog. Having been watching much of the Olympics, but like you I love the features done on the athletes.

  2. There is a wonderful book that I think you would enjoy, if you haven't read it yet, called My Sergei: A Love Story. It's the story of the Russian Olympic figure skaters Ekaterina Gordeeva and Sergei Grinkov, who became partners when they were just children and they eventually fell in love and got married. Though the ending is sad, it's a beautiful story.
    I actually haven't watched the Olympics in many years but I also enjoy the hearing the stories of the athletes.

  3. @Jan von Harz thanks for stopping by! :)

    @Chasity yup! although for some of the winter sports, i find myself scratching my head and going "huh?", like with curling

    @Simcha thanks for the rec! i went on amazon and it has great reviews! it sounds wonderful and it's definitely going on my to-buy list! :D


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