Midnight Confession: Updates and Thank Yous

Project 20 Books Update
A bunch of books came out in the past week that I wanted to get my hands but instead of buying I entered a bunch of giveaways instead to try to win them. I haven't bought any books and you know what?... It's not so hard avoiding that temptation anymore! I can go to Walmart, visit the book section and come away without a book in my hand. Not buying is making me appreciate the books I have on my shelf now and I've won a few books in giveaways so I still get new books in the mail (which always feels like Christmas whenever I do). I also signed up to be part of a few blog tours and I get new books that way too. So, not really missing buying books as much as I did in the beginning. My not buying now also gives me a lot more buying power in April when most of the books I covet will be released. :)

Guest Authors
I've finally worked up the courage to email a few authors and asked them to do a Q&A or a guest post for the blog. I've always been a little apprehensive before because authors are kind of like celebrities in my eyes and I know they're busy and... okay, I take rejection really badly and I was scared they'd say no. The ones I've contacted were very nice and they all said yes! I'm not going to tell you who they are but all of them have books coming out in a few months and their to-be-released book has been featured in my weekly "books I covet" posts. They'll be coming to the blog in April and I'm so excited!

Giveaway Update
I want to thank you all again for entering and spreading the word about my birthday giveaway. I had over 124 entries (including emailed entries) and it was my biggest and most successful one to date. I went to mail the winners' packages on Wednesday and I was a bit surprised by how expensive the international postage was though it was worth it. I feel it's good book karma, you know? Sharing books to others and all that. Also, it's a bit weird but I get pretty attached to my books and a few that went were gently read so I've had them on my shelf for a bit. It's kinda cool knowing they'd be traveling to other countries and a different state (Philippines, France and Texas--I had two Texas winners).
For the curious, the four winners chose the following books: Dream a Little Dream, Remember Me?, Cinderella Rules, Lucan and To Seduce a Sinner. Those books all found other homes but I still have the rest of the books sitting on my shelf and that may mean another giveaway in the future--just gotta save up the postage!

Thank yous!
I want to thank Brizmus, Stacy, Chasity, Rowena and the lovely Jenny Girl for the birthday greetings! I had a lovely pie birthday on Tuesday because instead of cake we had coconut cream pie at home and I brought custard and macadamia nut pie to school that day for my co-workers. We didn't end up going to dinner because my birthday fell on a school night but we are going to a Chinese restaurant tomorrow night that serve really yummy seafood. Can't wait for that!
I also want to thank all the new readers/followers our blog. This blog is becoming something bigger than than a simple hobby and it's all thanks to you! You following this blog and commenting is a validation that I am not just writing to empty air. I am really happy that readers (and authors--I have a couple author followers which is amazing!) visit it and they feel it's worth a follow. Thank you! :D


  1. I'm glad you've been having some great great author responses. I was terrified of rejection too. When I finally got up the nerve, I was amazed (and very relieved) to find that most authors are so friendly and giving with their time.

    A lot of authors are bigger celebrities in my eyes than any actors or singers and it's such a thrill to be able to talk with them and work together in a small way to bring content to my readers. Yay for authors!

  2. Awww pies are great too! Chinese food this weekend sounds delish! Have fun sweetie and good luck on your contest entries! I hope you win some great books!

  3. Glad to hear about your author responses; I'll be looking forward to reading what they have to say! Sending belated birthday wishes your way as well!


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