Midday Confession: Romance Plots

It's midday right now instead of midnight. It's only a little past eleven and I have a few minutes free so I thought I'd talk about my favorite romance themes or plot lines. But before I do that, an update on my Project 20 Books challenge. I won a $20 from the Bibliophilic Book Blog and a $10 amazon gift card from The Bradford Bunch earlier month! There was a lot of squeeing when I found out because that meant I finally got to buy books! And so I did and I'll do another post once they arrive in the mail!! :-D About time too because my wish list was getting longer and longer as the weeks go by... Okay, back to romantic plots...

StarflowerI was looking at my bookshelf the other day and deciding which books I am going to donate to my local library as I gotta make room for the new additions when I got distracted (as I am wont to do whenever I decide to clean my shelves). I started reading favorite parts in some of my keepers and I noticed a frequency in the books I own. Most of the romance books I own have a hero and heroine that have a history even before the story in their book began--whether they grew up together, were married but estranged or divorced, were best friends, went to school together, were former lovers and whatever else. There is just something about a second chance at love or finding a romantic love where you least expect it (as in finding it in someone you've known for a while time) that's terribly romantic to me. I can't get enough of these romantic plot lines.

icedancingmedalMaybe this is why after I watched the Olympic ice dancing competition, I keep imagining some kind of romance between the partners, especially in the U.S. and Canadian medal winners. Many of these competitors trained respective partners since they were young kids. And did anyone else see their performance? So much chemistry there! Also, when they were waiting for their scores and how they both sat nervous and holding each other... Oh the romance of it all makes my romantic heart flutter!! You can't help but imagine there might be something more between them than friendship and shared hard work. Their story definitely has the makings of a romance novel don't you think? Am I being weird with this? (Image taken from NYDaily News; no infringement intended)

Anyway, those romantic plot lines I mentioned above are ones I love reading best. However, there are some romantic plot lines I tend to stay away from. One is a brothers or best friends fighting over the same girl or guy (doesn't matter if these three characters grew up together) because those stories always leave someone broken hearted. Or if not broken hearted and they decided to become a menage then I don't read those either. I don't find menage or menage-esque stories romantic. Others that doesn't appeal to me much are guardians falling in love with his/her charge (which happens a lot in historical romances) stories and May-September romances and stories featuring widow heroines. For some reason I tend to stay away from widows, especially ones who's had a great relationship with their dead husband. Maybe because I can't relate? Or I like the idea of having one soul mate--you just have to find and recognize him? Hmm... I don't know.

So, what are you're favorite romantic plots or themes? Anyone read any romances lately with a plot I mentioned above that I like? Recommendations are always welcome ;)


  1. Isn't it funny how we are sometimes attracted to certain story lines?

  2. Congrats on the wins and book buying. I think it is interesting how we are attracted to certain themes or plots in our books. I think our attractions change over time too. Things I read now I never would have tried before!

  3. OK, first let me just say: This was an AMAZING book, I LOVE Kresley Cole's work!! Now:

    you won a blog award!


  4. I love tragic love stories like the majority of Nicholas Sparks books! I don't mind happy endings but I don't really prefer them.

    A really really good book that I've loved since high school is "Finding Laura" by Kay Hooper. Its not tragic but it has a really really good twist!

    I should re-read it and do a review some day :)


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