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Author Bio (taken from Hachette)
USA TODAY bestselling author Susan Kearney is a native of New Jersey and has a Business Degree from the University of Michigan. Her fifty plus books include contemporary, romantic suspense, historical, futuristic, science fiction and paranormal novels. She resides in a suburb of Tampa-with her husband, kids, Boston terriers and iguana. Currently she's plotting her way through her 52st work of fiction. You can reach her through her web site at www.susankearney.com.

Extra: Five fun facts about the two previous books in the series Lucan and Rion.

Paperback: 416 pages
Publisher: Forever
Language: English
ISBN: 9780446543330
Cover Image from Hachette
Source of my copy: Hachette Book Group
Vivianne Blackstone devotes herself to her career, putting her love life on hold. Her latest project is a spaceship designed to protect Earth from the deadly Tribes. But its engineer, the alluring Jordan McArthur, now threatens both her job and her wary heart . . .
Jordan's past goes back to King Arthur, and he must find the ancient artifact that can save the galaxy. Vivianne's ship is his best hope, but convincing the fiercely independent beauty won't be easy. Especially when the passion flaring between them burns through their defenses - and love is the last thing they need to survive.

Michelle's Review:
Jordan is the last book in Ms. Kearney's Pendragon Legacy series. I read the first book Lucan (see my review of the book here) but I didn't read the second book Rion and that's okay because this book can be enjoyed without reading the first two. First off, let me just say that I think this book have the hottest man cover out of the three in the series! Don't you all agree?

That being said, I think I would've enjoyed this book more if it was less busy. There was a lot that went on in this book and the telling became a bit uneven. There were also a bunch of stuff in this book that were a little hard to swallow like the fact that Jordan, the hero, is actually the Merlin from the Arthur legend and when Jordan and Vivianne landed on a planet and met Arthur, Lancelot and Guinevere. In this book they are a happy threesome with Guinevere having so many babies one after the other that the men don't who the father is for some of them. That made me pause and go what?!

As for the hero and heroine, I liked them separately, I liked them together and I liked their romance. Jordan is the noble, responsible, take charge hero with a scarred past that I like. Vivianne, who also had a scarred past, is the strong business woman with brains, looks and guts and I thought they were well-matched. I believed in their romance (unlike the hero and heroine of Lucan) and they had some interesting sex scenes in zero gravity. This book focused more on finding the keys to Jordan's ancient Staff for the most part than finding finding the Grail but the last chapters did focus on the hunting down Tredonis and putting a stop to the Tribes from destroying earth plot that began in the first book.

Overall, I give this book a 2.5 (between an "ok but not great" and "liked it") out of 5. If you're looking for a cross-genre book, this is it. It is a romance, sci-fi, fantasy, futuristic, dragon-shifting book with non-stop galactic action--but sometimes I wish it wasn't trying to be all these things at once.

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  1. Wow 51 and counting. That is an amazing feat. Not a huge fan of romance, but I do admire Kearney's ability.

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