Bookmark Day and the Winner of Countess of Scandal

Monica of the Bibliophilic Book Blog (one of my favorite bloggers!) is hosting BOOKMARK DAY! Here's the deets (taken from her blog):
"Bookmark day will be an ode to the bookmark...I will showcase bookmark creators, different kinds of bookmarks and offer sales on bookmarks in addition to an amazing assortment of bookmarks you can win...Oh yes, I know how you love prizes! :) There will also be some book giveaways as well...and maybe a nice signed set of books. When might this illustrious date take place?? 15 March"
Come one, come all!! Go to her blog and RSVP to get in on special bookmark giveaways and deals from sellers. There will also be a giveaway for those who decided to stop by on the day of. Also, if you're an author, a reader, a blogger or an Etsy seller wanting to donate bookmarks, books, make deals for promotions or want your work showcased you can sign up on her blog as well!

I'm going to attempt to be crafty and make a couple bookmarks to donate for this day so one of you might even win a Michelle original! :-D So please go check it out. Here's the link.

And now... The winner of countessscandalis Lisa R (alterlisa@y)!

I already emailed you. Please reply back with your shipping address in 48 hours so I can pass it on to Hachette. Thanks for entering everyone! :)

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  1. It sounds like fun! I collect bookmarks right along with my books, even when I travel.

    Most of mine come from the selection over at Half Price Books though.


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