Michelle's Book Review: The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

Hardcover: 384 pages
Publisher: Scholastic Press
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0439023483

ISBN-13: 978-0439023481
Cover Image from: Suzanne Collins' website
Source of my copy: Bought from Book Depository
Synopsis: (from GoodReads)
Katniss is a 16-year-old girl living with her mother and younger sister in the poorest district of Panem, the remains of what used be the United States. Long ago the districts waged war on the Capitol and were defeated. As part of the surrender terms, each district agreed to send one boy and one girl to appear in an annual televised event called, "The Hunger Games." The terrain, rules, and level of audience participation may change but one thing is constant: kill or be killed. When Katniss' sister is chosen by lottery, she steps up to go in her place.

Michelle's Review:
I love this book, but I seem to be at a loss for words as to why I love it so much. The storyline is hardly original. Actually, when I first started reading it, it put me in mind of this fairly old Japanese movie called Battle Royale (which was based on a book as well). However, Ms. Collins can write a story that is disturbing, all too plausible in the near future, and very addicting. Once you start reading, it's impossible to stop. I haven't had a reading experience like this since the Harry Potter series.

The writing was fantastic--the story was fast, with non-stop action and violence--with 24 teenagers trying to fight each other to the death, yes, it was very violent. I couldn't stop reading though, but if this was a movie I'd be watching it with my fingers over my eyes. I was scared the heroine, Katniss, wasn't going to survive in the next paragraph (despite knowing there's a sequel) and once or twice I cheated and read a little ahead to make sure she was still alive. Despite the violence, there were many poignant scenes in this book that I wasn't expecting. I even cried at one point (literally tears flowing down my face) and not many books can move me to tears. Believe it or not, but there is also a little romance in this book that I also wasn't expecting going in.

The author made you care about her characters, which is very important when the plot is about survival of the fittest and killing or be killed (and the heroine did kill). The story was set in the future and the world building was excellent. Basically the whole time I was reading whenever I put the book down, I'd have to pick it up again ASAP and continue reading because I had to know what will happen next--the story will grab you from the get go and you can't escape it until you read it through.

I can keep going on and on about how awesome this book is, but I'll stop here. I'm giving this book a 4.95 out of 5 stars.

You might be thinking, what?! 4.95? Yes, nitpicky reader that I am. My tiny one complaint about the book was the abrupt ending. After I finished reading and was put through that emotional, action-filled roller coaster, for it to end like that was a little anti-climactic--but this makes me more eager to read Catching Fire (the sequel to The Hunger Games).

**Disclaimer: I borrowed this book from my local library. My review was based on MY own experiences with the book and only share my honest, unbiased opinions. I am NOT promoting or discouraging anyone from purchasing and reading this book--whether I liked or disliked it. PLEASE use this blog only as a source and not the definite answer to your inquiries.**


  1. I can't wait to read this one! Ugh on the ending. I like a smooth one.

  2. I felt the same way about the ending. When I mentioned that in my review another reader said it will make sense when you read the next book. I haven't done that yet though. I enjoyed your review!

  3. Oh how I love this book...I still can't stop singing my praises. I think it might be the best I read in 2009.


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