And the winner is...

My sister (whose birthday is tomorrow... Happy Birthday Aubrey!) had a lot of fun picking the name of the winner:

First, she folded the strips with the names of those who entered.
(thank you for entering everyone!)

Then, she shook the container.

Last, she reached in and picked a name. And the winner of MBP's first giveaway is...

Andrea [Buried In Books] who won Bergdrof Blondes!
YAY!! Congratulations Andrea!!
(I've already emailed you. Please email me back your snail mail address within 48 hours and I'll mail your book to you ASAP.)

This was was a lot of fun, and hopefully I'll be able to host many more giveaways in the coming year. Thank you again everyone for entering! You didn't know how happy I was whenever I got a new entry. :)

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