MBP's First Ever Giveaway (End 12/5/09)


If you read my last post, you saw that I had been very lucky in the month of October and won six books. I feel it's time to host one of my own just to keep things even. It wouldn't be right if I just keep entering giveaways on other blogs (which I LOVE to do!) and not host one back. Also, November is Thanksgiving month and this is my way of saying thank you to the book blogging community for introducing me to many wonderful books. For my first giveaway I am starting very small and if it is successful I'll host another one next month. So, here we go...

You DO NOT have to be a follower to enter, but I would really love it if you do! I have three USED books for you to choose from:

Dear Prince Charming by Donna Kauffman

Too short to be a model, too unartistically inclined to be a designer, Valerie Wagner has finally found her niche in the fashion world she loves as the publicist for Glass Slipper, Inc., and the mastermind behind the launch of their brand-new glossy magazine. She's signed up the perfect cover model - Prince Charming, an advice columnist who's won the hearts of millions of women with his acerbic wit and his on-target romantic insight. Best of all, he's never revealed his real name or shown his face. Until now. And it's Valerie who's about to bring him into the limelight. There's just one problem. America's sweetheart, the sexy and sensitive man who's helped millions of women get their man, is coming out of the closet with a vengeance.

Valerie's new-found career is teetering on the brink of ruin. She can't crush the hopes of all the buyers of the magazine. She can't get Eric out of his seven-figure contract. And Prince Charming himself is tired of living a lie, and wants to find his own Mr. Right. Looks like there's no way out. Until Eric offers up his childhood best friend Jack, a sportswriter with a devilish smile and a chain of ruined relationships behind him. With Eric as the brains of the operation and Jack as the heartthrob that the media can sink its teeth into, they're an unbeatable team, and no one ever has to know... until Jack notices that behind Valerie's overachiever businesswoman personality is a woman with her very own kind of charm, and he decides to take matters into his own hands...

The Cinderella Rules by Donna Kauffman


except Darby Landon, or so she thinks before meeting the three fairy godmothers of Glass Slipper, Inc. They guarantee they can bring out the princess in any woman. But they?ll have their work cut out for them with Darby, who?s more comfortable in jeans and cowboy boots than designer gowns. But when she?s called from her Montana ranch to squire her impossible-to-please father?s star client around the D.C. social scene, Darby has to turn into the queen of chic . . . and fast.

Between torture-chamber sessions of tweezing and teasing, and horrifying lessons on place settings, Darby finds herself drawn into a fairy-tale romance of the very adult variety with Shane Morgan, the devastatingly sexy (and reluctant) heir to one of the city?s largest companies. But when another Prince Charming arrives on the scene, Darby?s caught between the woman she is and the woman she?s supposed to be, between two very different irresistible bad boys. Now Darby has to choose her own happy ending . . . and with the help of three very unusual fairy godmothers, this modern-day Cinderella is determined to stay dancing way past midnight?no pumpkins required.

The Bergdorf Blondes by Plum Sykes

With invitations to high-profile baby showers and benefits, more Marc Jacobs clothes than is decent, and a department store heiress for a best friend, our heroine known only as Moi is living at the peak of New York society. But what is Moi to do when her engagement falls apart? Can she ever find happiness in a city filled with the distractions of Front Row Girls, dermatologists, premieres, and eyebrow waxes? Is it possible to find love in a town where her friends think that the secret to happiness is getting invited to the Van Cleef and Arpels ├╝ber-private sample sale? And how is she going to deal with the endless phone calls from her mother in England demanding that she get married to the Earl next door?

Be aware that the book prizes shown above are USED books.

But if you don't mind that, please choose one (1) of the books you would like to win and leave a comment below with the book's title. There will be one (1) winner (and the winner will win the book they have chosen). Please read the rules and disclaimers for entering below. The giveaway ends on December 5, 2009, 11:59 PM Hawaii-Time and the winner will be announced shortly after that here on Michelle's Book Picks (MBP for short).

Rules and Disclaimers for Entering

1. Giveaway is only open to USA and Canada only. (sorry I'm a little broke right now)

2. Leave a comment on this post saying you're entering the giveaway and include the title of the book you want to win. If you don't include the title and you are selected as the winner, you'll receive The Cinderella Rules (my favorite of the bunch).

3. The name (or names for multiple entries) will be put in a hat and I will randomly pick a winner.

4. Winner will have 48 hours from the time their name is posted to email me and give me their shipping address. If I do not receive an email from the winner within that 48-hour period, a different winner will be selected. NO EXCEPTIONS.

5. There will be no substitutions allowed and MBP is not responsible for the prize being lost, stolen or damaged during transit.

For Additional Entries:
+2 if you became or already a follower before this giveaway was posted (please tell me in your comment)
+2 if you post a link of this giveaway on your blog's sidebar or on Twitter (please give me the blog link or the exact link of the tweet)
+3 if you blog about this giveaway on your blog (please give me the link)

Maximum number of entries is 8 (1 intial entry + 7 additional entries).

Also, since MBP is part beauty blog, I'll also be including these L' Occitane samples for the winner to enjoy:

Thank you for entering and good luck!

**Disclaimer: All the book prizes were bought with my own money and the L'Occitane samples were part of a sample gift pack given to me as a gift from a friend who bought it with her own money.**


  1. Yay! I love L'Occitane en Provence! And those books look great! :-)
    +2 new follower
    +2 it's in my sidebar under the Contest List
    +2 I tweeted it
    (I don't know if I can get those +2s twice)

    And I totally want The Cinderella Rules

  2. The moment I read about Prince Charming looking for his Mr Right, I wanted to find out how that story ended. I'd love to enter the giveaway for Dear Prince Charming!


    mdperera at hotmail dot com

  3. Fun books! Please count me in. I just became a follower too.

    I would like to win Dear Prince Charming.


  4. Oooh! Fun choices! I believe I would like to enter for The Cinderella Rules....sounds like fun!

    +2 - new follower!
    +2 - posting link on blog sidebar! (http://insatiablereaders.blogspot.com)



  5. Count me in please! I would love The Cinderella Rules.

    throuthehaze at gmail dot com

  6. +1 I'd like to win The Bergdorf Blondes! :D

    +2 follower
    +2 sidebar: ireadd.blogspot.com

    Thanks & congrats on running your first giveaway!


  7. I would love to win The Cinderella Rules :)

    +2 Sidebar

    email. theveronicaproject[at]gmail[dot]com
    blog. http://theveronicaproject.blogspot.com

    Thanks for the contest!

    ~ Veronica

  8. Thanks for the contest! I would love to win Dear Prince Charming.

    I'm now following your blog!

    Best, Keta Diablo

  9. This is fun! I think Cinderella Rules looks great! Thanks for the giveaway! It is fun to win books isnt it? have a great day!

    journey through books @ gmail dot com

  10. These sound like fun books!
    I think I would like Dear Prince Charming.
    +2 I am a new follower.
    +2 I tweeted today as MSEREADS - I'm not sure how to pull the ling for the tweet:
    Last Day to enter Michelle's Book Pics - first Giveaway. Sound like fun Romance choices! Enter here http://bit.ly/4tgeVT
    Thanks for the giveaway and good luck enjoying your blog! mesreadsATgmailDOTcom


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