Book Review: In My Heart by Melody Thomas

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The blurb for this book really intrigued me because I love second-chance-at-love romantic plots. In My Heart features a commoner, Irish Catholic hero and a rich, titled heroine who married young but were forced to annul their marriage by the heroine's father. The book was set ten years later: Christopher Donally, now an very successful architect and businessman, just became a trustee member in the museum where Alexandra Marshall was working as an archeologist. They met again accidentally at the museum and the attraction between the two were as strong as ever. There was a mystery involving missing priceless artifacts from the museum that Alex was determined to recover but in exchange for Christopher's help in finding them, she was to sponsor his younger sister in society. Soon, feelings both thought to be long buried start to surface and both have to deal with the past if they want to have a future.

Alexandra was different from other historical heroines not only that she was a educated and a career woman but also because she went after the hero. She was the first to approach Christopher with their bargain. She invites him to the carriage house she had converted into her working space for a tryst. The reader knows exactly how she felt about Christopher throughout the whole book but sometimes it felt like she was doing all the chasing and sort of lets Christopher walk all over her. Christopher himself was not a favorite. He was distant and kind of a jerk in some parts of the book. A few times, I even questioned his feelings for Alex. The secondary characters weren't likable either with the exception of Christopher's sister Brianna. There were some okay scenes towards the end of the book, but nothing to fully redeem the flaws.

I'm really on the fence about this book. It very much reminded me to of Judith McNaught's Paradise except this one is the historical version of it. I like IMH enough because the story had potential, but I feel like it could have been better at a different author's hand. It's really hard to explain. The author's style of writing is a bit overblown in a pompous, big-words-thrown-in-to-show-off-my-vocabulary kind of way so the telling of the story wasn't smooth. There were also a lot of grammatical errors in this book that were very distracting--I usually miss this kind of stuff so my noticing it is saying something.

I'm giving this book 2.75 stars.

FYI: In My Heart is book one in the Donally Family series. Here are the others:

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FYI: I bought this book second-hand from Better World Books, an online bookstore that use part of their profit to fund literacy projects worldwide.

**Disclaimer: I bought this book with my own money. My review was based on MY own experiences with the book and only share my honest, unbiased opinions. I am NOT promoting or discouraging anyone from purchasing this book--whether I liked or disliked it. PLEASE use this blog only as a source and not the definite answer to your inquiries.**

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