BBAW: Day 5

NO! It is now 12:31 and officially Saturday. I missed the deadline for the last BBAW post, but heck I'll do it anyway.

The last post, is supposed to be all about your blog (in 50 words or less) and what you want it to be by next year's BBAW (in 50 words or less). So here it is, short and quick:

When my blog was just an idea in my head, I meant for it to be 50% books and 50% beauty products. Now, after exploring many blogs (thanks to BBAW), I realized that doing that would be too broad. I've decided that my blog is mostly dedicated to all things books with the occasional beauty product reviews whenever I have nothing book-related to talk about.

All I have on my baby of a blog right now are reviews. By the next BBAW, I hope to have more friends/readers/followers, have hosted a contest, do an author spotlight/interview and participate in a few challenges--all of which I've seen in other BBAW bloggers' pages.

In other BBAW news, I entered a bunch of giveaways and won Kushiel's Dart by Jacqueline Carey from Anna's Book Blog! I've been eyeing this book whenever I go to Borders for quite a while now but I was intimidated by the tiny print and by the number of pages and its plot (I was afraid it was going to be another Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell--a book I thought I could handle but after reading a few chapters it just sat on my shelf for years until finally I donated it to the library), but I am so very excited! I've been researching the book since finding out I was a winner and I can't wait to get it. Thank you Anna!

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  1. Isn't it wonderful to win a book you've been wanting to read. I love it when it's one I wasn't sure I wanted to buy or not ;-)


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